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PetaPrin is a provider of nationally known natural products for pets, including an all natural pain relief tablet for animals. PetaPrin was first formulated in 2003 and was marketed through newspapers, television, and in retail stores. In 2010, we acquired the formula and manufacturing rights to PetaPrin. We began manufacturing in Tempe, Arizona and launched our first website in 2011. We produce the best products possible in our local GMP certified facility. We are dedicated to improving the quality of life of our pet friends, along with providing products and excellent service for our customers.

Green-lipped mussel found in New Zealand.

Green-lipped mussel found in New Zealand.


    PetaPrin’s special one of a kind formula relieves pain so your pet can continue though their days happy and comfortable. The special formulation of PetaPrin has shown significant relief of pain and a greater range of motion in dogs and cats who use the product.


    PetaPrin is safe, effective and results can be seen most of the time within days, not weeks like other similar products.


    The combined ingredients in Petaprin including willow bark provide a very effective anti-inflammatory properties to sooth their aching joints.


    There are many veterinarians who have patients that need an all natual approach. Petaprin is not only recommended by them but used by them also.

The Science Behind PetaPrin


What sets PetaPrin apart from most pain relief formulas are the active ingredients found in the Green Lipped Mussel. It is all natural and not man-made in a laboratory which makes it more effective.

PetaPrin is a safe and effective joint care formula specifically for canines and felines. ETArol ™, the freeze-dried whole extract of the New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel, is the active ingredient in a joint-supporting blend of nutritive herbs. The joint healing properties of green lipped mussels were first noticed more than 100 years ago by Maoris in New Zealand, where they are sustainably harvested. Green Lipped Mussel is a valuable source of glucosamine, chondroitin and glycosaminoglycans. These natural joint health ingredients combined with omega-3 essential fatty acids already found in Green Lipped Mussel have proven to help soothe stiff and sore joints. ETArol(tm) also contains many nutrients and trace elements important for the good health of your dog or cat.

PetaPrin is natural, safe, effective, and results can be seen most times within days, not weeks like most glucosamine products. The ingredients in PetaPrin help relieve inflammation while encouraging healthy production of connective tissue such as joint cartilage and encouraging the production of joint fluid.


    *ETArol™ – Exclusive Green Lipped Mussel Extract is used as a major source of glucosamine, chondroitin and glycosaminoglycans.


    These Natural joint health ingredients also are combined with the Natural Omega-3 essential fatty acids from the Green Lipped Mussel.


    PetaPrin not only provides pain and inflammation relief, it encourages healthy production of connective tissue such as joint cartilage and the production of healthy joint fluid.


    Other glucosamine and chondroitin products are made in a laboratory. We believe the all natural Green Lipped Mussel provides a more effective result and our customers agree!

  • ETArol(tm)

    Exclusive Green Lipped Mussel Extract used as a major source of glucosamine, chondroitin and glycosaminoglycans. 250 mg.

  • Ginger Powder

    An anti-inflammatory, ginger is known to reduce the production of inflammatory compounds, which makes it useful for headaches, body aches, and for arthritis. 75 mg.

  • Green Tea Extract

    Green tea is rich in catechin polyphenols (GTC), particularly epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). EGCG is a powerful anti-oxidant: It has been effective in lowering LDL cholesterol levels, and inhibiting the abnormal formation of blood clots which improves blood flow and aids in the healing process. Green Tea Extract is 20 times more antioxidant-active than Vitamin C. 25 mg.

  • Skullcap Extract

    A minor sedative, the herb is also well known as a analgesic, or pain reliever. 15 mg.

  • Willow Bark Extract

    The original source of asprin, white willow bark has been used as an anti-inflammatory, fever reducer, analgesic, anti-rheumatic, and astringent since 500 B.C. 25 mg.

  • Rosemary Extract

    Another antioxidant known for its long lasting qualities, rosmarinic acid, also has antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. 7.5  mg.

  • Holy Basil Extract

    Another powerful antioxidant that helps to deal with free radicals thus easing the impact of the free radicals on the nervous and circulatory systems. The result is that there is less strain on the heart and the chances of the nerves becoming oversensitized during period of extreme stress is minimized. As a side benefit, the strengthening qualities associated with the antioxidants helps the body\’s immune system to function at full efficiency. 20 mg.

  • Turmeric Extract

    Curcumin is the part of turmeric that gives curry food its golden color and provides turmeric with curcuminoids, which have antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities. In numerous studies, curcumin\’s anti-inflammatory effects were comparable to potent anti-inflammatory drugs. 12.5 mg.

  • Feverfew Extract

    This herb can inhibit the release of two inflammatory substances that cause the vessels to go into spasm, serotonin from blood platelets and prostaglandin from white blood cells. Because prostaglandin and other related substances are also culprits in the inflammation that occurs during painful bouts of rheumatoid arthritis, feverfew has been used in its treatment. 10 mg.

  • Additional Ingredients

    Natural Liver Flavor, Molasses, Rice Flour, DiCalcium Phosphate, Stearic Acid, Magnesium Stearate.

No Artificial Preservatives | No Salt | No Fat | No Wheat | No Chemicals | No Caffeine | No Artificial Colors



Kathy, Scottsdale, AZ

Pet: Bacci
Breed: Shih tzu
Age: 13 years
Diagnosis: Two Torn ACL’s

My dog Bacci is 13 years old and
recently was diagnosed as having
two torn ACL’s. She was unable to
climb stairs and had trouble standing
up after she was laying down. Surgery
was being recommended when I heard
about Petaprin. After speaking to you
I was encouraged and decided to try it
before I went the surgery route. Within
two weeks she was standing without any
difficulty and by the end of the month she
was climbing stairs, chasing after her toys
the way she did when she was a puppy.
Neighbors call her the miracle dog!
I will continue to use Petaprin for the rest of
her life. I am so grateful that I was introduced
to you and the benefits of Petaprin.

Kathy and Bacci

Kathy, Scottsdale, AZBacci
Kathleen Sherman, San Louis Obispo, CA

Pet: Mollie
Breed: Collie
Age: 7 – 13 years
Diagnosis: Joint Pain, Arthritis

PetaPrin was what kept Mollie the Collie comfortable for her last few years with me. She’s been a show dog, caged most of her life by her prior owner. She came to me at 7 yrs old. The Collie Rescue connected me to Mollie, and we had 6 happy years – especially with the help of PetaPrin! As she aged, and especially because she’d been caged for so long, she had pain – but I could not see giving her harder medications like Rimadyl, that have huge side affects.

I’m forever grateful to PetaPrin for providing a safe, VERY effective solution to hip pain. I’ve told countless people who all have found success with PetaPrin as well. Mollie got 6 good years on PetaPrin, and we want to thank you!
We’re given very special gifts during our lives, and Mollie was one of my best gifts.

Kathy Sherman, San Luis Obispo, CA

Kathleen Sherman, San Louis Obispo, CAMolly

Pet: Maggie
Breed: Sheltie
Age: 12 years
Diagnosis: Severe arthritis

Maggie is our 12 year old Sheltie. She started getting arthritis about 3 years ago. It came on gradually but this last year it really got bad. Our vet gave her two different kinds of medications over the last year. Neither of them did anything for her. She even lost a lot of hair. Maggie was getting so bad I had to carry her up the stairs. A friend of ours in California saw the ad for Petaprin on his tv and e-mailed me right away.

My husband and I looked at the information and decided to try it. Its unbelievable the difference 3 weeks has made. She is running around , wagging her tail, and playing with our cats again. You can see a sparkle in her eyes that tell you shes pain free . Everyone that knows Maggie can’t believe the new dog she is. I can’t seem to say enough about Petaprin. Thank you for making Maggie a pain free happy camper again.


Pet: Great Pyrenees rescued dogs
Age: Various
Diagnosis: Joint Issues

Our Great Pyrenees came to us as older rescue dogs, and as such had joint problems that curtailed their exercise which also created weight issues. When PetraPrin was added to their diet regime, they improved markedly with both issues! Now they look forward to their walks and outside yard time.

NancyPhoenix, Arizona

Pet: Ashley
Age: 19.5
Diagnosis: Age-related

“My cat, Ashley, has reacted so positively to Petaprin. She literally dashed up the stairs the other day. Not something she has done in years. It definitely has offered her some relief. She has also been more playful and eating much better I am thrilled with the product.”


Pet: Sprinkles
Age: almost 3
Diagnosis: Sprain

Sprinkles is a young dog about 2+ years old, but when she sprained her paw, I gave her PetaPrin as a pain reliever and to reduce inflammation. She was limping, but it really helped her get around much better than the prescription pain meds that made her somewhat disoriented and sad. She loved the liver taste and is all well now. Thanks!!

LeonardOceanside, California
Norma Ruben

Pet: Spunky
Age: 13
Diagnosis: Spinal Damage

Petaprin has enabled us to take Spunky completely off prednisone and in just three months she has lost 5 pounds of prednisone weight.
Her liver enzymes have normalized even though she is on Chemotherapy to control spinal cord disease. Petaprin has helped her to become spunky again instead of stiff and sluggish. Thank you so much for making such an incredible product. We’ve got our dog back thanks to you.

Norma Ruben
Nancy from Cave Creek

Pet: Rufus (rescue dog)
Breed: Mixed
Age: 5
Diagnosis: Head Trauma, Post Surgical Pain

“After being rescued and having two head surgeries Rufus was feeling terrible. He wasn’t eating and his eyes were dull and tired. I knew he had a headache all day long. I was worried about giving him prescriptions because of the possible side effects. Within an hour after giving Rufus PETAPRIN™ he was eating and playing. I was amazed. He takes PETAPRIN™ every day. I don’t even know if he’s in pain anymore but he is so happy taking it that I will give it to him forever. PETAPRIN™ is amazing.”

Nancy from Cave CreekFoster mom with Foothills Animal Rescue



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